I am a self-taught photographer living in Brooklyn, New York. Originally from Louisiana, I have had the privilege of living in New Orleans and Denver, and have lived as far away as France and Chad, Central Africa.

I first picked up a camera at age 10 and began snapping photographs of solitary trees on remote horizons and the abandoned farms of forgotten Louisiana towns. As I grew older, my ability to travel to and live in far-away places and my search for symmetry in nature honed my desire to create images that would otherwise, I believe, have gone unseen.

My style of landscape photography lends itself to evoking feelings of loneliness and isolation. I particularly enjoy traveling to the arctic north and taking advantage of vast and often barren landscapes that exude a sense of solitude and desolation.

When not traipsing around the frozen tundras of the arctic, I am constantly looking for anything and anyone in and around my everyday urban environment to perpetuate those feelings of distance and quiet reflection of everyday life.